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Serrapeptase 80,000IU 90 Tablets


Serrapeptase 80000IU Tablets provide a massive 80000IU of biological activity in a phthalate-free enteric coated capsule enabling it to pass safely through the stomach and into the gut to be absorbed.



  • High strength 80000IU tablets
  • Phthalate-free enteric coated tablet
  • Passes through the stomach for maximum absorption
  • Popular food supplement

Originally discovered in silkworms, where it is used to break down the cocoon and digest dead tissue, serrapeptase is an enzyme of great interest in the food supplement industry.

Isolated from bacteria rather than silkworms, Lindens Serrapeptase 80000IU Tablets are hugely potent, providing 80000IU biological activity in a phthalate-free enteric-coated tablet. This coating allows the enzyme to pass safely through the stomach and be absorbed in the gut.


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