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Sage Essential Oil 50mg 100 Capsules


Traditionally known as a culinary herb but used as far back as Ancient Greece, sage, and in particular its essential oil is a popular food supplement. Lindens Sage Essential Oil 50mg Capsules each contain 50mg of Essential Oil of Spanish Sage in a rapid-release, easy-swallow soft gel capsule



  • Thujone free
  • Rapid release softgel capsule
  • Popular food supplement for women during menopause
  • 50mg of essential oil per capsule

Sage is well-known as a culinary herb, but its use in the west can be traced back as far back as Ancient Greece, recorded in the writings of Dioscorides. Its essential oil is particularly valued as a high-purity extract of the compounds within and is often used in aromatherapy. More recently it has attained popularity as a food supplement, particularly with women during the menopause.

Sage Essential Oil 50mg Capsules each contain 50mg of essential oil of spanish sage (salvia lavandulaefolia) in an easy swallow, rapid release softgel capsule, and if free of thujones. We believe the quality of the extract and the simplicity and convenience of the capsule make this one of the best ways to use sage as a food supplement.

DIRECTIONS: Food Supplement. Take two capsules daily, with a little water. See reverse for further directions.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: 1 capsule provides 50mg Salvia Lavandulaefolia extract.

INGREDIENTS: Essential Oil of Spanish Sage (Salvia Lavandulaefolia), Sunflower Oil, Gelatine (Bovine), Vegetable Source Glycerine, Water.

Allergy Advice: None.


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