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Having a good bird feeder will attract birds to your yard. The kind of seeds you put will make them decide whether to build a nest near the food source or not. To do this “law of attraction”, having a good bird feeder pole will make your feeder stand out or noticeable.

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  • You’ll love the convenience of this feeder’s 20-ounce clear plastic reservoir and built-in moat to keep the nectar clean.
  • If squirrels try to walk across the wire, they will fall.
  • I love suet cakes because it is limiting the birds that like it.
  • The metal-like shade protects the suet from the elements (sun, rain, snow, etc.).
  • We will update our list time by time to keep up with the newest product.

This is a great way to watch nature up close from inside the comforts of your home! Simply apply our window mirror film to the inside of your window with removable glue spots. Hang a bird feeder or hummingbird feeder outside your window from a suction-cup hanger, or attach a suction cup suet feeder or nesting box to your window.

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The Tin Man didn’t have a heart inThe best food chopper Wizard of Oz but this tin couple has plenty of love for birds. Check out how the pie tins work as a beautiful bird feeding station idea. Check out another tin you can use in the kitchen you haven’t thought about.

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How To Clean Your Bird Feeder- Cleaning your bird feeder each month is vital to keeping wild birds safe from infection by salmonella and other bacteria. If you have a backyard bird feeder, here are some tips for cleaning it thoroughly. This product has two removable feeder trays, which will allow you to place two different types of bird food.

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Hummingbird feeders are a real favorite for attracting the color, speed, and aerial acrobatics of this small but fascinating bird. I purchased eight #4 by 3/4″ round head screws to give them enough holding power. It remains to be seen how the hinges hold up to the weather. Use different colored wood for a decorative look or the same color wood for a strong joint. With the hinges attached, the weight of the roof stresses and torques the sides of the hopper, so a cross brace is needed for strength. The roof section then slides down over and sits on the end pieces. The weight of the roof holds the roof in place unless it is very windy, then the roof is held in place with a screw.

The feeder indeed makes for an excellent gift for bird watching enthusiasts. If you are looking for a highly reliable bird feeder, then the premium window bird feeder from Trustzi is sure to offer you one of the best bird-watching experiences ever. The 3mm thick acrylic is of top quality and scratch-resistant. Those extra-durable, strong suction cups ensure a safe and secure position on your window. Nature Decor is one of the top go-to brands when it comes to bird feeders.

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Birds are intelligent and know where the good food is located. They’ll remember your yard as the one with the fatty food, which is their ideal winter diet . This product comes with pretty much the same make and design elements as of the earlier Aspects model. There is the red hinged lid with three flower ports; detachable tray; optional ant moat; and a two suction cup window bracket. Only the box is somewhere square shaped compared to the semi-circular shape of the Aspects product. And it is made of plastic and is considerably less expensive.

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Most window feeders are made out of tough, non-yellowish, and crystal clear design that attaches to your window through clear and strong suction cups. What I like about this product is that you can safely mount it to any window, unlike most window bird feeders. I also like the padded grip perch for the birds to rest comfortably.